Ayame Sound Source
UTAUloid VcV Tri-pitch
Hamasaki Ayame
~Vocal Samples~
Voice Info
Hamasaki Ayame is recorded as a Tri-pitch VcV Recorded in the pitches  A3, D#4, and F#4. Her samples are encoded in Hiragana and is intended for the Japanese language.  If you are a Western user your local must be set to Japanese. Otherwise this voicebank will not function. Voicebank may have problems. If a problem occurs please email me at:
[email protected]
or contact my SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ayamedoll

* TIPS * Fresamp * EFB-GT*

This voicebank was made for free use.

Pitch bending this voicebank to create a new character (ex. Creating a male counterpart/genderbend) is prohibited unless otherwise stated by the author. Using g- to make the Utau sound younger and g+ to make her sound older are acceptable.

Public redistribution of this voicebank is prohibited.